18 अग॰ 2023

Will Balochistan be free?

Balochistan is the western province of Pakistan, whose population is around 20 million. Balochistan is divided into Iran's "Sistan and Balochistan" and adjacent areas of Afghanistan, the capital of Balochistan is Quetta. The main language of the people here is Baloch or Balochi.

In 1944, a General Mani of British India did it to give independence to Balochistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder and first governor-general of Pakistan, coerced the last independent Baloch ruler, Mir Ahmed Yar Khan, to sign an agreement to accede to Pakistan by swearing on the Quran.

This act was incorporated into Pakistan by Jinnah on 11 August 1947 at the behest of British and European countries. Baloch-nationalism emerged in Balochistan from the 1970s, saddened by pro-army Pakistani democracy and administrative social discrimination. The population of the province is more than 78 lakhs and the area is 347190 square kilometers. (1,34,050 sq. miles). Which is 44% of Pakistan's land.

Balochistan, Sindh, KPK in Pakistan are comparatively more than other provinces in terms of natural resources and business, but the plight of the people there (health, education, employment) is worrying. All the facilities go to the Pakistani Punjab province. The people of Balochistan, Sindh, KPK are very poor. They are genosite. Recently Baloch told in space – “2 thousand women were made missing. Tahir Baloch, Honey Baloch, Mirabal Baloch told that- “Even our children, women, who are studying and writing, are being kept in the concentration-campus.”

Conference held in Geneva in 2015 whose deliberation agenda was 'Balochistan in the Shadows', conference summary, "The human rights situation in Balochistan is deteriorating badly. The fundamental duty of protecting citizens and upholding the rule of law in the region Where the provincial and national governments have proved to be unsuccessful, only the army and their gun legislation prevails.

   Since 1948-49 till now armed revolutionary movement has been carried out five times by Blochs against Pakistan. At present, the international-narrative on social-media for the freedom of Baloch-Sindhudesh-KPK is continuously going on.

  Famous Baloch activist Naila Qadri said in a press meeting that- 'Pakistan is committing genocide to suppress the political, democratic and secular freedom struggle'. It was also said by him – 2 lakh Balochis have been killed in the last decade. 25,000 men and women have gone missing, in which the Pakistan Army has a hand. They are following all eight UN hallmarks of genocide, including dehumanization, polarization, destruction, and denial.

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