31 मई 2022

Pakistan will have to give account of the tears of Baloch and Sindhi people.

Translated post dated 19 May 2022

 In the last few days, 18 Baloch students were forcibly picked up from the hostel and abducted by armed men. Forced home-lifting is not a new thing for the citizens of Sindh and Balochistan. Nadir Baloch tells that- The President and Vice President of the University were kidnapped and taken away, whose whereabouts are still not known. The kidnapped youths and agitators are also killed and after the murder the bodies are dumped in deserted places in mutilated condition. Information about such cruelty being released for almost 20 years through the Twitter space started becoming common these days. Students of Baluchistan University have announced a one-day strike in protest against this disappearance. This strike is going to start from 8th November 2021. The agitators say that the students of Baluchistan are being almost kidnapped from their hostels by the vice chancellor of the university and Pakistani arrangements. According to Riyaz Baloch in Baluchistan, in gross violation of human rights, till now hundreds of people are taken into custody and disappeared without any legal action. Now that questions are being raised on Baluchistan's Member of Parliament, Member of Legislative Assembly and also on the role of Chief Minister. But the human rights violation agenda of ISI and Pakistani Army continues.

The Baloch citizens, who are vocal on space, now openly raise their voice for the duties of the government and their rights. This is a symbolic event, in fact both Sindh and Baluchistan are not willing to stay with Pakistan under any circumstances, and this is the basis for the future disintegration of Pakistan. Citizens of Balochistan and Sindhudesh are terrified of lack of basic facilities.

    Recently, while making his argument in the Twitter space, a Baloch activist had told that the young man who was going to get married was not even allowed to complete the marriage ceremony. And he went missing. It is not that human rights related petitions were not presented before the United Nations in this matter, but there is a need to work very fast on this by the United Nations.

    Most of the activists of Baluchistan Liberation Movement are helping as much as possible outside Baluchistan in America, UK and other European countries, but Pakistan Army is proving to be the biggest obstacle to human rights. If we talk about how many movements were done in Baluchistan till now we see that

• First Conflict (1947–1955)

• Second Conflict (1958–59)

• Third Conflict (in the 1960s)

• Fourth Conflict (1973–77)

• Fifth Conflict (2004 to 2012)

• Sixth Conflict (2012 to present)

         Pakistan, which intervenes in India's internal affairs, is creating a negative situation these days in terms of economic tension, social instability as well as civil life and Citizen Life Index.

• At present, the names of Iraq, Israel, Soviet Union, America and India are also included in the countries advocating daily independence (according to Wikipedia).

  All the nations accept their demands as justified and the emphasis on them speaks against the oppression. But for the last several years, there has been little discussion in this regard at the international level. Of course, the reason for this could also be the geopolitical situation and the dreadful situation of Kovid-19, it cannot be denied.

   Friends, the freedom fighters of Baloch and Sindhudesh are not present mentally and physically in the celebration of independence of Pakistan. The states in favor of both these freedoms have become increasingly active on social media these days. But no movement can succeed only through social media. The agitators will have to make their strategy like Subhash Chandra Bose, then in any condition they can move forward with the current economic disorder of Pakistan, social adversity and their nationalist beliefs. It was revealed in space on Twitter today that the students' strike call can go on till the announcement of the release of 15 currently missing students and even if the Pro Army Pakistani Democratic System does not release them, then they can keep the whole university closed continuously. Huh.

     If human rights are also included in the sanctions imposed by the FATF, then Pakistan may not only get freedom from the gray list but they may also have to go to the black list. The top leadership of Pakistan and the people of their cabinet, who raise questions again and again for a particular sect in India, are neither serious nor sensitive, at least in relation to human rights, by introspection.

    Looking at the present circumstances, the situation in Pakistan can be the situation of 1971, there is no doubt about it. This Pakistan's pro military democracy is also known by ISI and the military itself.

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