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Milind Sheorey is a name to reckon with when it comes to the Bansuri in today’s world of Indian Classical Music.

Milind was born in Jabalpur in a family of music lovers. His grandfather and his father loved music, and his mother was a poet and dedicated singer.  Having lived in various small villages as his father was in government service he started playing bansuri with folk tunes and film songs with his friends without any formal training.
When he moved to Jabalpur for his College studies, itwas a turning point in his life. He  heard Pt. Pannalal Ghosh and PtHari Prasad Chaurasia on the radio for the first time and fell in love with the Hindusthani Classical Bansuri. He learnt from his first guru P.J. BagadadevJi who was an artist at the Jabalpur Radio Station and  a disciple of  Pt. Vijay Raghav Rao.

From there began a long journey of learning the basics of the discipline and techniques which later would forge ahead his talents.

Came the year 1987 when Milind was approved  by All India Radio. as classical performer of Bansuri.Milindji moved to Mumbai in search of advanced training and finally found GurumaAnnapoornadeviji. In her reclusive style and after many manyrequests at her feet the day finally dawned when she took Milind as her disciple .  Exposure to the learned  various styles of Hindustani Classical as Dhrupad, Khayal,Tantrakari and Thumari in pure and detailed form.was an eye opener for Milind and it lifted his renderings with a clear pure passion which till date is a wonderful trait to be found when his lips touch the Bansuri. It was only under her guidance that Milind owes his development of  techniques to enrich Bansuri .

Today Milind Sheorey is a name associated with sweetness, deep emotion, passion, an inner connection to the innate senses and above all a pleasantness in his music which is rare and wonderful to listen.
His ease with which he handles ragas deemed difficult for the Bansuri has earnt him a special place in the hearts of his listeners.

Milind has played in India and abroad in a number of prestigious concerts and today is a highly enamoured Bansuri player.

He has played in respectable circuits like ‘Aarambh’ Bhopal, ‘Acharya  Allauddin Khan Music Circle’ Mumbai , ‘Sur Sagar’ Bangalore , ‘Udayan’ , ‘Chakradhar Sangeet Samaroh’ Raigarh (Chhattisgarh).  and continues to play in concerts all over India.

His performances on recently launched the only classical music T.V.Channel ‘Insync’ are being broadcasted regularly and highly appreciated by music lovers

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कँवल ताल में एक अकेला संबंधों की रास खोजता !
आज त्राण फैलाके अपने ,तिनके-तिनके पास रोकता !!
बहता दरिया चुहलबाज़ सा, तिनका तिनका छिना कँवल से !
दौड़ लगा देता है पागल कभी त्राण-मृणाल मसल के !
सबका यूं वो प्रिय सरोज है , उसे दर्द क्या कौन सोचता !!