27 मई 2022

Pakistan should introspect and not comment on India

Before commenting on Kashmir, talk about Balochistan, Bilawal ji.
  Kashmir is an integral part of India. The day-to-day concern of Pakistan on Kashmir is illegitimate .
Pakistan must ensure that the Baloch Sindhu Mujahirs, and religious minorities such as Hindus Christian Sikhs, etc., residing in its nation, are safe or not.
Pakistan neither has positive thinking for the above people nor will they allow them to live like common citizens.It is important to mention here that the Baloch and Indus agitators in Pakistan are shown the way to heaven directly.Thousands of such cases which are violation of human rights are also reported in the United Nations. But people and countries advocating for human rights are silent on this issue.
Pakistan has tried to create such an environment for the whole world. Pakistan sponsored terrorism in particular in South Asia always remains in the headlines.
Ajmal Kasab is an example of this. Even after Ajmal Kasab was confirmed to be a citizen of Pakistan, Pakistan did not consider him as its citizen.In the BBC report, the villagers of Ajmal Kasab deny that Ajmal Kasab is a resident of that village for fear of the army.
  This is a strange country funding terrorism by not feeding its hungry children.As long as Pakistan is ready to become the medium of propagation of Islam through terrorism, then this nation cannot progress. After 1971, there is sure to be at least three to four more parts of Pakistan. This estimate of mine will definitely take shape in the coming 10 to 15 years.There is a famous saying in India “Ghar mein hai daane amma chali bhunane” This is more or less the situation in Pakistan.To exploit the natural resources, this nation neither has the technology nor does it know the art of keeping its citizens safe.Just think, if the war-fighting army starts doing business, then you can imagine yourself how good it will be for Pakistan in such a situation.
On all these issues, the army management of Pakistan is of low status.It is meaningless for Pakistan to imagine India at par.
Points like economy, foreign policy, science and technology, education are the soft power of any nation, if you look carefully, there is no such environment in Pakistan. Pakistan's soft power is zero.
This country should develop soft power positively to save its existence and not misbehave with India.
Readers reading these thoughts must have understood how much this nation has come and gone and how weak its citizens must have been.From 1947 onwards, this nation focused on the destruction of India more than its development.As a result, he himself has to suffer.The International Monetary Fund in India returned the money whenever it was taken.Pakistan could not do this.
The reason for this condition of Pakistan is the people who imagined Pakistan by going out of India.It is meaningless to expect the Nawabs who were engaged in such a system of comfort throughout their lives to run the nation.
The world community should now worry about the rights of the citizens of Baloch and Sindhu country, who are demanding freedom from the neighboring country of India, which is alive on the mercy of China.
Through the article, Bilawal Bhutto and the Pakistani Establishment are cautioned to focus on their issues and not make foolish remarks of India's judicial system.

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