19 मई 2022

The Pakistani administration is at number one in Baloch human rights abuses.

Nadir Baloch tweeted today what is the scene of how young Baloch students are kidnapped openly in Pakistan। This is happening not only with the Baloch in Pakistan, but the freedom fighters of the sindhu desh  are also tortured in the same way. Link You can see the visual by clicking on it.
Pakistan has once again enforcedly disappeared two Baloch students Gazzain Baloch an M-Phil scholar and Meer Ahmed worker in UDC-FBR in front of Meer Hotel Quetta. Now they abduct in public places with no fear. 

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कँवल ताल में एक अकेला संबंधों की रास खोजता !
आज त्राण फैलाके अपने ,तिनके-तिनके पास रोकता !!
बहता दरिया चुहलबाज़ सा, तिनका तिनका छिना कँवल से !
दौड़ लगा देता है पागल कभी त्राण-मृणाल मसल के !
सबका यूं वो प्रिय सरोज है , उसे दर्द क्या कौन सोचता !!