20 मई 2022

human rights crisis in pakistan

Pakistan is a country where the condition of  minorities such as Hindu, Christian, Sikh and tribal populations and tribes, Hazara Baloch and Sindhi as well as Mujahirs is very poor .There are also cases of misbehavior by the Punjabis of Pakistan.
    Recall the situation in West Pakistan in 1971. The way Bengali Muslims were pushed into the negative atmosphere by the people of Punjab province was sad.
  Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman was supported by the then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi, due to the large number of refugees coming to India.The mob coming from West Pakistan tried to ruin the economy of India.Supporting the Mukti Bahini .  full of human compassion, liberated West Pakistan as Bangladesh and freed the people of that country from severe tension. 
   Pakistan, being a part of India, teaches enmity against India to its generation. The ideology of Pakistan against Hindus and Sikhs is dangerous.
   Pakistan was not a peace loving nation and neither did Pakistan present itself before the world as a good nation.
       The United Nations is aware of this,but does not know under what pressure the whole of Europe remains calm on human rights abuses in Pakistan.
  The need for a civil law cannot be denied because of the plight of Hindus in such Islamic countries as Pakistan. 
   Freedom Fighters Of  Sindhu country said - "Abdul Basit, a diplomat of Pakistan, considers the attack on any country by Pakistani citizens to be correct.
    When I heard this on the twitter space, I was surprised that how can an ambassador of a country talk like this ? 
some good citizens, Friends, being a citizen of a nation like Pakistan also feels shameful to many. 
   How can a nation whose foundation is based on lies, deceit and ambition, envisage better protection of human rights than a nation?

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